Mobile Monday

Mobile Monday: Graffiti Girl

Graffiti Girl

Adorable graffiti girl in Trinity Kitchen, Leeds. Totally love how happy she looks. Oh, and the owl hat. You do you, graffiti girl.



We’re having beautiful weather here in Leeds – everything seems to be waking up. Not wanting to waste the bright sunshine, I nipped outside this morning after a lazy Sunday pancake breakfast (Nutella & banana – lush!) to get some pictures of the blossom that is making our car park look a little bit less soviet.

I’m not entirely sure what kind of tree/blossom it is – I don’t think it’s cherry blossom in the delicious, juicy cherries sense. The leaves tend to go reddish purple, and I’ve never seen the tree fruit. Mystery tree. It’s pretty, so I’ll forgive it.


Experiments In Infrared

In the last couple of years I have been experimenting with a R720 infrared filter on a Nikon D100. This has left me with a lot of very red images to process – the occasional one of which comes out okay after it has been processed. Below are a couple of IR images taken in Barcelona and in Whitby.